How to charge

1.Please tap the Dokotsu prepaid free membership registration button.
2.Please read the terms of use, then place a check in the check box and tap the free membership registration button.
3.Please tap the “Startup email software” and send the email.
4.An automatic reply email from Dokotsu Prepaid will be received by the device from which the email was sent from. Please tap the membership registration URL in the email.
5.Please enter your name, date of birth, and gender for the ID issuance procedure, and tap “Apply for ID”.
6.The login screen URL will be displayed in the automatic reply email. Please tap the URL.
7.Please login with the sent ID and password.
8.Please tap “Charge”.

Charging with a coupon

9.Please tap the “Enter coupon code” at the bottom of the charge screen.
10.Please separate your coupon code into 6 digits and enter in the top and bottom.
11.Please confirm the number of minutes you wish to charge, tap “Charge with coupon”, and charge is complete.

Charge with a credit card

9.Please tap the number of minutes you wish to charge on the charge screen.
10.Please confirm the charge minutes and tap “Pay”.
11.Please enter your credit card information and tap “Complete payment”.
12.Once charge is complete, please tap “To interpretation service” and return to the top page.