Interpretation ☆ Anywhere · Dokotsu prepaid FAQ

Shared information1:When unable to connect

  • I have set it, but am still unable to connect.
    Please check the radio environment (reception status). When using in a place where the radio wave environment is poor, it may not connect and the image may stop.
    Confirm the settings of your terminal again. The confirmation method is described below.

    ・For iOS device users

    Method to Confirm FaceTime Settings

    1.Tap the setting icon
    2. Please tap FaceTime
    3.Please enter your Apple ID and password and sign in
    4.Please confirm thatis attached to the incoming contact.
    *It is also possible to set a different email address from Apple ID.
    5.When it turns green, it is on.
    6.Interpretation ☆ Anywhere/Dokotsu Prepaid setting icon to setting screen
    7.Tapin the FaceTimeID column
    8.Enter the set FaceTimeID and tap Save

    ・FaceTimeID must be set up. ※Fig. 3 above

    ・FaceTime at the bottom of the screen must be on. ※Fig. 4 above

    ・The same FaceTimeID used for the terminal must also set on the settings screen of "Interpretation ☆ Anywhere." ※Fig. 7 above

    When unable to connect even when the above is followed

    ※Please confirm that the mobile data is turned on from the terminal settings screen.

    ・For Android users

    Please update the terminal OS and "Google Chrome" application to the latest version.
    OS and "Google Chrome" application update method


    1.Tap "Settings (Main unit settings)"
    2.Tap "Device information"
    3.Tap "Software update"
    4.Tap "Update now"
    5.Tap "Install"
    6.Press "OK" to restart the smartphone


    1.Tap "Play store"
    2.At the top left of the screen, tap the menu icon
    3."My Applications & Games"
    4.If Chrome is displayed, tap "Update."
  • The radio wave environment and settings are correct, but I am unable to connect

    Is there a restriction on functions set on the terminal?
    For iOS
    There is a possibility that there is a restriction on functions.
    Please confirm "Settings" → "General" → "Function Restriction" → "FaceTime."
    For iOS(since iOS12)
    There is a possibility that there is a restriction on functions.
    Please confirm "Settings" → "Screen Time" → "Content & Privacy Restictions" → "Allowed Apps" → "FaceTime."

Shared information2:Overview of Service

  • How many languages are supported? What are the hours of operation?

    17 languages(English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino, French, Nepali, Hindi, Russian, Indonesian,Khmer,Myanmar,Ukrainian and Japansese) are supported.

    Hours of operation

  • Which terminals and OS are supported?

    You can use it on iOS/Android smartphones/tablet terminals. 
    ※Please see below for details.

    Target iOS devices:4th Generation iPad or later/iPad mini or later/iPhone 5 or later/6th generation iPodtouch or later recommended
    Target OS:iOS 7.1.2 or later (iOS 9 or later is recommended)
    Browser:Safari recommended(FaceTime is used for video calls.)
    Communication environment:communication speed of 3 Mbps or higher ※Please note that iPhone3G / iPhone3GS / iPhone4 / iPhone4s / iPad (1st generation) cannot be used.

    Target Android devices:Smartphone/tablet OS: Android 6.0 or later (latest OS recommended)
    Browser:Google Chrome (ver.49 or later/latest ver. recommended)
    Communication environment:Communication speed must be 6 mbps or more (100 kbps or more for voice) and port number 3478 must not be closed/P2P communication must not be restricted(A dedicated video interpreting system is used.)

  • Is it possible to use multiple terminals with one contract?

    No, it is not. One terminal may be used per contract.

  • What kind of people are interpreting as the operators?

    In principle, native speakers provide interpreting service.
    ※The operators hold the N1 level of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or possess equivalent Japanese language conversation ability, so there is no need for worry.

  • Can it be used in other countries?

    You can use it in an environment in which there is an Internet connection.
    However, as with other Internet services, regarding use in other countries, it is recommended to subscribe to an international packetized all-you-can-use plan of each carrier in advance such as local Wi-Fi service, rental mobile Wi-Fi router that can be used in other countries, etc.Because you may be charged unexpectedly high communication charges abroad, please check the communication environment beforehand at your own responsibility.

  • Can it be used for specialized fields?

    It cannot be used for fields requiring technical terms or specialized knowledge such as legal and medical consultations.
    This service is a general interpretation service at the daily conversation level.

  • Is it okay if to call the interpreter if there is something that I do not understand or if I become lost?

    Because this service is an "interpreting service," we are unable to answer such questions.
    If you have any questions concerning the above, please contact a police box or tourist office or a third party, and if you require an interpreter at that time, please use our service.

  • How are usage minutes counted?

    Usage is counted in 1-minute increments.
    Example: ① Use for 1 minute 1 second ⇒ 2 minutes when using ② 1 minute 59 seconds use ⇒ duration of use 2 minutes

  • If the call goes longer than the hours of operation, will the operator hang up?

    The operator will never hang up during the middle of the call. Please continue to the service.
    ※If you are disconnected during a conversation due to radio wave conditions etc., you cannot reconnect outside of the hours of operation.

  • Is interpreting between languages other than Japanese possible?
    Example English ⇔ Chinese, Korean ⇔ Russian

    No, it is not possible. This service is an interpreting service between Japanese and other foreign languages.

Shared information3:Concerning Dokotsu pre (paid prepayment plan)

Shared information4:Concerning corporate plans (monthly plans)