What is"Dokotsu Prepaid"

「Dokotsu」Prepaid is service callcenter operators interpret by TVphone

Acquisition possible for any time and only the length you want to use

Available whatever you want

Available whatever you want

12 languages never been in the translation industry

Industry biggest 16 languages provision (more to be added)
(Japanese included)

available 24 hours 365days

available 24 hours 365days

Have you ever experienced like as…

cannot speak and understand either the language overseas.

チェックマークcannot speak and understand either the language overseas.

got lost as you cannot understand the language

チェックマークgot lost as you cannot understand the language

can not negotiate well as you cannot handle any languages

チェックマークcan not negotiate well as you cannot handle any languages

can not understand foreign customers speech

チェックマークcan not understand foreign customers speech

you can make it by "Dokotsu Prepaid"

Available whenever and whatever you want

Acquisition possible for any time and only the length you want to use

"If you make a call to the interpreting dedicated dial at the shop introduced, your line will be connected to a call center the interpreter staff resided, and you can receive the interpreter service quickly. As 16 languages available, the cost of staff at your company can be reduced by introducing our service."

Our service can reduce your stress and can also support environment improvement for foreigners visiting Japan.

Price by plan

"Time Plan" that allows you to use interpretations by the remaining charge for up to 6 months and "Day Plan" that allows you to use interpretations for 1 day (24 hours) or 1 week for 3 minutes each time.

If you charge with the "Time Plan", the remaining fraction can be used until the last day of the 6th month including the charged month.
This is a convenient plan when you need a temporary interpreter for sudden foreigners or events.

The "Day Plan" is a plan in which a 3-minute interpreter can be used multiple times for a period of one day (24 hours) or one week.
This plan is recommended for volunteer directions and when you need a short-time interpreter for overseas travel or business trips .

Time plan fee
5minutes 1,980yen(including 180yen for tax)
10minutes 3,850yen(including 350yen for tax)
30minutes 9,900yen(including 900yen for tax)
60minutes 18,150yen(including 1,650yen for tax)
120minutes 33,000yen(including 3,000yen for tax)

※In the "Time Plan", it is possible to use an interpreter for the number of charged minutes, but the upper limit of the interpreting time per time is 15 minutes as a guide.

Day plan Charge fee
1Day 3minutes x 4time 3,278yen(including 298yen for tax)
1Week 3minutes x 9time 6,578yen(including 598yen for tax)

※Interpreters can be used for up to 3 minutes each time in the "Day Plan". Once used, it will be recharged within 10 minutes and you can use the next time.
※Please note that you cannot subscribe to the "Day Plan" if the number of minutes charged in the "Time Plan" remains.
※If the number of charges is used up, the "Day Plan" contract will end at that point.

information about languages available

languages time days available
English 24hours 365days
Filipino 9:00~20:00
Vietnamese 9:00~20:00
(Sat, Sun, Holidays)10:00~20:00
French 10:00~18:00 except on Saturdays,Sundays and public holidays
Indonesian 9:00~17:00
Khmer 9:00~18:00 365days
Myanmar 9:00~18:00 Monday Only

target device

target device
iPad 4th generation or later one/iPad mini or later one/ iPhone5or later one/iPodtouch 6th generation or later one recommended
target OS
iOS7.1.2or later(iOS9or later one recommended)
Safari recommended (you needs Facetime on Video call )
Communication environment
faster than 3Mbps transmission speed

※ Attention!unavailable device as follows:iPhone3G / iPhone3GS / iPhone4 / iPhone4s / iPad(first generation /

target device
smartphones, tablet
target OS
Android6.0 or later one(latest OS recommended)
Google Chrome(ver.49 or later one・the latest ver. recommended)
Communication environment
faster than 6Mbps transmission speed(faster than 100kbps voice output speed)